Saturday, January 21, 2006

ART, Music, Dance, etc

Dear Bloggers,
I know many of you are artistic, musical, dancers, etc. A very special breed of folks that contribute much beauty to this world. How do you express yourself artistically? How does this benefit your recovery? Is it ever helpful to explore confusing issues and/or feelings through your artistic medium?

Take Care!

Suggested books?

Dear Gals,
Please post books you like, suggest, here. Feel free to tell us about the book, maybe it can be like a little book report/book club. It is worth doing, if for no other reason than when we have to explain the book it is more likely to be retained in our long term memory!


What gives you hope that life can be lived without your eating disorder weighing you down and stealing your authentic experience of the highs and lows of life?

Body Image and the Media...

Dear Bloggers,
What are your thoughts about the media's glorification of extreme thinness and the message behind it suggesting that female power, appeal and fullfillment lies in mastering ones body and looking as perfect as possible? I think it is a terribly destructive message, particularly to our young women who are saturated with this message in the media. It makes me mad! I do not buy into it! Beauty, power, fulfillment are much more complex issues than looking like a barbie doll!
We have many areas to develop these rewards in such as our relationships with others, with God, nature, art, music, meaningful work, animals, charity, and just being a "human being" not "human doing", etc...

What do y'all think?