Monday, March 19, 2007

Educational Training

A quick FYI about a great opportunity for motivating ourselves and our clients to realize our goals, ed recovery and experience lasting change. One of our Hope Club members, Dr. David Krueger, is leading an exciting class by telephone regarding:

Apply exercises and work tools that systematically guide action steps for change.

Use new research from psychology and neuroscience to implement changes of belief, behavior, and performance.

Address the common yet elusive challenges and obstacles to achievement.

Discover the neuroscience of "The Secret" applied to Writing a New Life Story.

A Teleseminar series led by David Krueger MD.
Designed for those who are ready for significant life change.

  • Learn the guided system of success to transform a life story
  • Apply the proven Live A New Life Story ROAD MAP™ program
  • Receive the Live A New Life Story Workbook™ and New Life Story Glossary™

Three weekly Teleseminars beginning March 20, 2007 for information and registration:

  • Live a New Life Story™ Teleseminar
  • Live a New Life Story™ Group Coaching

Free Special Report: LIVE A NEW LIFE STORY™ Mentoring Life Story Changes