Monday, May 16, 2005

Thanks for contributing to all who have posted!! :)

Hi, it's me, Jacquelyn. I am so glad that you all have posted to the new blog! I was excited to read the various posts this morning. I loved the comments! Hearing that it is possible to completely recover from an eating disorder is inspiring...and having 10 years of life free from bulimia is wonderful. Way to go to our anonymous poster! I also loved the comment about recovery starting when one begins to have a less superficial relationship with oneself! AMEN! :) Isn't that so true! Much of my own recovery has been attributed to relinquishing idealized "perfect" visions of what I "should" be, and instead accepting myself as the flawed person I am, but recognizing that I am a beautiful and unique creation of God, and do not need to be anything but what I am....I sure don't always stay in that mindset, but I go back to it, time and time again, to regroup, and continue on with my life free of an eating disorder.
I also think integrity is a BIG part of recovery. Choosing to live at one's highest level of integrity physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc...It is a bitter sweet maturing process of learning to deal with life straight up, rather than hiding behind an eating disorder....
Another very good comment, I thought, was that we need to be patient and go easy on ourselves...this has been a big part of recovery for me, too.....Trying to maintain a kind inner dialogue with myself, supportive and accepting, has gone along way toward furthering my recovery from eds.
Take good care of yourselves.....and please keep posting! We need to hear from you!
Founder of Eating Disorder Hope

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Eating Disorder Hope

Welcome to the Eating Disorder Hope Blog! Thank you for sharing your inspiration, hope, and encouragement for others struggling with overcoming eating disorders....Also, feel free to share your frustration, pain, whatever.....just please be as honest, authentic and respectful as possible..............let 'er rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Jacquelyn Ekern
Founder of