Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bye to our Dear Meagan

Bye for now, but we are hoping you will come back and visit us often and also blog with know, "let er rip" can post anonymously and give us fun clues as to who you are............or just tell it like it is and not worry about it....
You have been such a wonderful group member, we will miss you and all that laughter and life you bring to the group.


Jamie said...

I'm so sad that you're leaving! You have brought do many wonderful things to the group and I know that we will all miss you immensely! The group will definitely not be the same without you're lively spirit. I hope that you can possibly visit us if you have the chance and it'd be great if you kept us updated through this blog or through email!
Good luck with you're studies in Austin -I love that place, it's so much fun! I go there a lot to visit my twin brothers (who just graduated from UT), so maybe I can visit you some time when I'm down there... that'd be a lot of fun!
I'm sure you'll do amazing in your classes while you're there since you're so incredibly bright and knowledgeable...we'll miss that in group, we'll miss your insight and we'll of course miss your amazing personality
I'm so so so sorry that I missed your going away party! -I was going to come; I wanted to come, but I got into a sort of fight thingy with my mom and so I was busy trying to amend my relationship with her (it didn't work though... she's still really upset with me for deciding to 'leave her' and go live with my dad... - I of course did not leave her, but she likes to be all mellow-dramatic ...haha o well sorry, I'm getting off topic, this post is about you, not my deranged mother! lol!) Well anyways, I hope that your party was great -I'm sure it was!

We're going to miss you!!! I felt like I learned a lot from hearing you talk in group -I'm going to miss your insight... you've been with us since the beginning! You're an original groupy member haha!

good luck!

good luck!!

good luck!!!

I'm sure you'll do amazing down there since I'm positive that you can succeed in anything and everything you do!

Take care!

"HOOK EM’ HORNS!!!!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie!
I missed seeing you at group! I hope all is okay with you. It sounds like a tough time working out the living arrangement between parents. I am sorry that you have to endure this....

Hi Meagan! How's it going in Austin? Does it feel good to be back on your old stomping ground? What is your major again? We miss you already!

take care, Ladies!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!!!

What's up everyone?? Well I'm at college!! Wow its really crazy. I had a great trip up here with my family. It was really nice. I was really sad to see them go. They seem to be sad and that was really good to see that they really are going to miss me. Its really hard. I have meet some really cool kids. I just wish all of ya'll were up here. I am having a hard time but I'm going to make it. I know that I just have to do it to show everyone that I can do it. Classes start on Wen. so I'm going to be really busy. My room is really cool. My mom really helped us fix it up and that was cool to see her do that for me. I will write more soon. I miss ya'll like crazzzy. Hope to hear from everyone one.....

love ya'll

Anonymous said...

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