Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Eating Disorder Hope
Every gift or personality trait that people possess can be used in a good or bad way. It is said that a lot of people with eating disorders strive for perfection in many aspects of their lives. Perfectionism can take either a healthy or a destructive form. How have you used your perfectionism positively in your life?


Anonymous said...

Hey Gals! Just wanted to check in. I thought the last group/session went really well. I am taking a break this six weeks and will miss you all on Wed. nights. Life is so much richer when I let go of some of my perfectionist ways. Many personal attributes can be viewed as a blessing and a curse. I am trying to let my blessings shine and to be more forgiving and less critical of myself and others. There is so much more to life!
I think a healthy dose of perfectionism is a wonderful attribute and that it can be more of a blessing than a curse. Perfectionism brings many things to mind.........drive, desire, ambition, creativity, dependability..... My nutritionist tells me that it's all good in moderation.............I guess perfectionism can be viewed the same way.
Have a good week!

Jeanette said...

My perfectionism is what has helped me be so successful in life. I could balance everything because of it. I stuck with any task until I was done and it was done to my liking. Not that success in wordly terms is the biggest measure of importance to a person's life, but it is important. Now, I will admit some of the things I was perfectionistic about in the past really do not matter now. Take for instance, SAT scores. Once you are out of college no one cares whether you were a national merit scholar or had a perfect SAT. Those things are forgotten and that "pleasure" you once got from that success is gone. When I go on job interviews they are not concerned with what I did in high school, or even in my undergrad degrees....that is the past. They are concerned about the hear and the now.