Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oliver-Pyatt Center Opens in South Miami

Oliver-Pyatt Center Opens in South Miami

The Oliver-Pyatt Center welcomed patients into its multi-disciplinary, comprehensive program the week of June 30. Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt: “This facility is one I’m very proud of—a comprehensive center that both clients and professionals can trust to provide top-quality treatment while preserving the dignity of the individual”.

The Oliver-Pyatt Center is grounded in sound medical and therapeutic protocols, with a staff-to-client ratio among the highest found in any program. They have a deep commitment to individualized care, and a high frequency of individual therapy sessions. The bilingual, multidisciplinary treatment professionals are experts in the treatment of eating disorders and their co-occurring conditions.

Located in a beautiful residential neighborhood near South Miami Hospital, and walking distance from nearby parks and shops, the program is based in a tranquil and spacious setting. The Center will balance the peace and quiet of a restful sanctuary with the vibrancy of a city setting. This locale will allow clients to re-integrate into real life through daily, guided outings into the community once they have reached an appropriate stage in the recovery process.

The Oliver-Pyatt Centers believe that full recovery from eating disorders is possible when the individual is provided with effective treatment. For more information, visit www.oliverpyattcenters.com, or call 866-511-HEAL.

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