Saturday, February 21, 2009

Academy of Eating Disorders and NEDA partnership

(forwarded on behalf of the Academy of Eating Disorders)

The AED and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) have partnered to promote the STAR (States for Treatment Access and Research) Program by hosting launches of the AED Worldwide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders throughout the United States in February and March 2009.

Our U.S. AED members are encouraged to get involved and support their upcoming state Charter launch event by attending, speaking at the event, and/or by assisting with event organization.

For information about STAR activities in your state in the U.S. contact

Our Charter, created in 2005, spells out the rights and expectations people with eating disorders and their families can seek from those responsible for health policies and practices worldwide.

All of our members can help promote the standards set forth in the Charter by signing online in support of the document ( In addition, individuals, programs and institutions can use the Charter questionnaire available on the same webpage, to audit the quality and scope of their services and treatment.

You are also encouraged to launch the Charter in your region of the world. For information about how to organize a launch or how to use the Charter questionnaire to audit programs and services in your area contact AED Charter Subcommittee Co-Chairs Scott Crow ( and Susan Ringwood (

Thank you all for your support of the Charter and for promoting its standards.

Warm regards,


Judith Banker
President, AED

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