Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walden Living Opens in Wisconsin

Walden Living Opens in Wisconsin
Dr. Ted Weltzin announces the opening of Walden Living, a supportive living option for patients with anxiety and eating disorders.

Walden Living offers affordable housing and an on-site Personal Coach for those transitioning from 24- hour care or during day treatment or intensive, outpatient therapy. Located in the quaint, historic town of Delafield, Wisconsin, housing options include new, one and two-bedroom apartments. With easy access to a nationally recognized specialized treatment center—Rogers Memorial Hospital, Walden Living is a place where individuals have the ability to develop effective living skills in an independent yet nurturing environment.

"For patients needing specialized medical and/or behavioral health treatment, we feel Walden Living is an ideal choice for the adjustment back to independent living," says Dr. Ted Weltzin, Walden Living’s founder and Medical Director of Rogers Hospital Eating Disorder Services. "It also gives parents the option to be near their children who are receiving specialty care and practice lifestyle challenges with them prior to returning home."

Walden's Personal Coach provides five hours coaching, per week, per individual. The Personal Coach also helps orientate individuals to the community, schedule their appointments, assist with transportation, participate in meal planning and provide overall guidance.

For more information, visit www.waldenliving.com or e-mail: info@waldenliving.com

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