Thursday, May 06, 2010

AED Credentialing Standards for Eating Disorders Inpatient/Residential Treatment

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The Academy for Eating Disorders has now posted the AED Credentialing Standards for Eating Disorders Inpatient/Residential Treatment on the AED Web site. We welcome your comments and feedback.

The AED Credentialing Task Force was formed in response to family member concerns generated at a NEDA annual meeting and a desire to promote basic standards to ensure high quality inpatient and residential treatment for eating disorders. It is a multidisciplinary group of expert clinicians, researchers, and patient/family advocates from AED, IAEDP and NEDA.

These three main organizations, along with many others, including national and international leaders in the eating disorders field and related professions, residential/inpatient treatment program directors, insurers, as well as recovered individuals and family members, have jointly worked to develop standards for inpatient/residential treatment over the past six years.

The AED Credentialing Task Force developed the residential/inpatient treatment standards to: (a) safeguard patients and families who seek eating disorders inpatient and residential treatment; (b) review and improve the quality of care offered by inpatient and residential treatment programs, and (c) provide a quality of care benchmark for third party payers to consider as they collaborate with providers in the development of comprehensive models of care and its reimbursement. The standards of care relate to program a) assessment and treatment planning, b) treatment delivery, c) quality improvement and d) outcome measurement.

We have posted the standards so you can examine them in their most up-to-date form. We are now exploring ways to create an accreditation program and voluntary accreditation process that will ensure quality of care and safeguard patients and families in their pursuit and receipt of this care. If you have any further questions or comments regarding the standards, feel free to contact me at

~Mary Tantillo PhD RN CS FAED, Chairperson, AED Credentialing Task Force

Click here to read more details about the standards and the Credentialing Task Force.

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