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Eating Disorder Specialist Library Features: Rader Programs

Rader Programs

Willpower alone does not work, because it's a disease

Millions of Americans suffer from an eating disorder like Anorexia, Bulimia or Compulsive Overeating. Their lives are controlled by food. Gaining or losing weight becomes the focus of their existence. They often feel guilty, isolated, depressed and ashamed. They may be compulsively overeating, binge purging, or starving themselves. All of them have one thing in common - they are suffering from an eating disorder which can be fatal if left untreated.

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It's not your fault.
You're not alone.
We can help.

With professional support, lifelong recovery and freedom from an eating disorder can be achieved. The key to recovery is to understand the cause of the self-destructive behavior and to acquire the tools to facilitate the necessary changes. This is the core of the Rader Programs' philosophy.

Levels of Care

Rader Programs provide services to individuals in accordance with their identified clinical needs. We believe individuals should be treated, whenever possible, within the least restrictive environment. To achieve this goal our eating disorders treatment provide the following clinical service programs:

  • Inpatient Program: Clinical services through an inter-disciplinary staff in a structured 24 hour program.
  • Daycare Program: Clinical services offered to individuals whose physical and emotional status allow them to function in their usual environment, in conjunction with a structured daily program.
  • Outpatient Program: Clinical services through an inter-disciplinary staff in a structured weekly evening program.
  • Continuing Care Program: Professionally supervised care provided to individuals who have progressed through the inpatient or daycare programs, to the point in their recovery where they will benefit from a weekly program that will support the gains made to date. During this phase of the program, individuals are also encouraged to participate in free support groups such as ANAD, Anorexics Anonymous, Bulimics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous.
  • Family Program: Clinical services provided to individuals and their significant others on weekends. This program addresses family issues caused by and affecting the eating disorder.


Jonathan Rader, Ph.D.
Chief Clinical and Executive Officer

Dr. Rader founded and directs the Rader Programs. Dr. Rader received his doctorate from La Jolla University and has been treating eating disorders since 1985. His work on the relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders has been documented in eating disorders journals and he has been interviewed as an expert on eating disorders by numerous magazines and news programs.

Read more about Dr. Rader's approach.


Pacific Shores Hospital

A 30-bed facility exclusively dedicated to Rader Programs Eating Disorders treatment programs.

The facility was specifically designed and fully renovated to provide warm, nurturing environment conducive to the delivery of the highest level of quality care available.

The facility is located ten minutes from the ocean in picturesque Ventura County, north of Los Angeles and south of Santa Barbara in Southern California.

Rader Programs at Pacific Shores Hospital maintains an outstanding treatment team with extensive experience and training in Rader Program's proven treatment philosophy.

Rader Programs at Pacific Shores Hospital is the premier facility specializing in Eating Disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating treatment in the United States.

Brookhaven Hospital

One of the leading treatment centers in the nation specializing in the treatment of all Eating Disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating.

Rader Programs at Brookhaven Hospital maintains an outstanding treatment team with extensive experience and training in Rader Program's proven treatment philosophy.

The facility is located in a peaceful, rural setting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


I cannot put into words what Rader has given me. The passionate and fierce dedication that your therapists offered is unbelievable. Never have I seen someone more dedicated to saving so many lives. They are beyond means, awesome! They have become my mentors. I could not have done it without them all or the rest of the staff. From the maintenance man to the top. With sincere love and admiration ~ Faith

I am not sure what words to use to describe to you just how grateful I am for your treatment program. Your staff is caring, supportive, knowledgeable, wise, loving, honest and dedicated. Your program saved my life and gave me the strength and courage to recover. Your staff will always have a place in my heart. ~ Susan

I think about the Rader Programs, the Rader Staff and my Rader Family every day! I am so grateful for my new found freedom. You and your staff saved my life. I will never forget this blessing you have given me. I can not thank you enough. I love life, I love freedom, I love myself. Thank you! ~ Kim

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Location/Contact Information

Pacific Shores Hospital 2130 N. Ventura Road, Oxnard, California 93036

Brookhaven Hospital 201 South Garnett, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128-1800

For more information call: (800) 841-1515 (Toll Free)

International Callers: (818) 880-3755

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