Saturday, March 25, 2006

Celebrities and Eating disorders

Eating Disorder Hope
Thanks for all the comments on the last blog, they were all very good and interesting discussions!
Lately there has been a lot of debate dealing with specific stars and how thin they have become. Some stars like lindsey lohan have came out and admitted that they do have a problem and get help from it. Other stars have remained underweight and appear to be emancipated. These stars claim that they just have a great trainer or a great chef. How does all of this debate make you feel? When you see some of the stars that have not came out with their problem yet, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'm not too abreast on the who's who in Hollywood, but I see what you mean everytime I'm waiting to check out at the grocery store (of all places!). What's scarey is that only the sickly, emaciated photos really stick out....I can see that these gals are scarily thin. There are probably two reasons why only the severe catch my attention...1. I have a distorted view of my own body and 2. thinness is common place in our society. It's easy to look at the extremely thin models and actresses and to say there's someone with and ed....not me. Not true! I am scared of my distorted views. The media and our society seems so obsessed with thinness that I fear that I may never be free. It's like sending an alcohlic to work in a beer factory or something!

Anonymous said...

I think that MOST of the stars that appear to be thin or seem to be struggling with some sort of a weight issue have two things to back them up. (1) money (2) A publicist. Just because a star made the front page of the allure magazine it doesn't mean he/she is happy.. They make "LOOK" the part and try to act the part, but inside they feel so lonely and empty. It's not the way to live... It's soo not worth the consequences.. I have never met One eating disordered victim who was REALLY happy while practing their eating disorder.. Not one! I believe that we as human beings have to shape ourselves in what WE believe is healthy, not what society or hollywood thinks or displays. Just because a famous star appears to be thin, I can GUARANTEE you that most likely the person is really miserable underneath the surface. As a recovered eating disordered patient, I know from person experience that just because we get to that magic number that we THINK will make us happy...It never does.. In fact, we feel worse inside and then decide another goal for ourselves which is usually more unhealthy than the first disordered goal.
We as eating disordered sufferees, tend to be quite good at surfacing our issues underneath while making an overall "perfect, happy, donna-reed appearance." I think most people do not come from the "perfect, healthy, family." We have to shape our own healthy behaviors. and try to spread our own wings and fly and set our OWN image for society. We have to set our OWN examples in life for others to follow. We can't expect society and "hollywood" to provoke healthy behaviors because they never will.--EVER... It is important as individuals to set our own precedence and our own true meaning of happiness, health, good nutrition, and proper fitness.