Monday, April 10, 2006

Winning the battle

Eating Disorder Hope
What are some techniques you use to overcome bad thoughts and habits? These things you do may help other people overcome some of their biggest battles.
So lets get to sharing....

One of my bad habits is procrastination. To overcome this problem I make myself do one piece of homework a day. If I skip a day I have to stay home one day on the weekend to make up for it! If I am overwhelmed with homework I go for a run, it seems to always clear my mind.


Anonymous said...

There are several techniques that I use to overcome bad thoughts and habits. I have found that self talk is always one of the best reinforcements I can give myself... I tend to ask myself is what I am feeling a rational feeling or irrational?
I then write on paper the pros and/or cons to the decision I am making, habits I am wanting to perform, etc. I then ask myself, is this a healthy behavior? I also ask others for their advice. This has helped me with my recovery for several years.
I love to spend time with nature so taking walks also helps. I tend to like to express myself with art or scrapbooking. Talking it out with a friend who is in full recovery seems to help as well. I have even typed my feelings out on the computer and this has really worked for me as far as successful techniques go.
I have even taped myself with a tape recorder voicing my thoughts and feelings. I then play the tape back. It is nice to just sit back and laugh when I listen to it.. I then realize the actions I need to take and I am better able to re-think my thought process.
I try to keep myself surrounded by positive people as much as possible. I think that writing down affirmations for the day and taping them to my bathroom mirror and even car helps. These are just a few things that have helped me throughout my journey.. Take care everyone...

eating disorder hope said...

Something I discovered that helped me to relieve stress was going to the park and swinging on the swing set.
After swinging, peace seemed to overcome me,it was the weirdest thing,I recommend trying it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, swinging is great. I find that another great technique is to walk the dog. Even if you don't have one, try a neighbor's! It works wonders. Pets are such great therapy! I also find that going in a quiet place and just counting to 10 works well too.

johan said...

What do the successful leaders tell us and how can we use it to become who we are?

An idea is stronger than the man.

Little else rules the world. "...both when they are right or wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood." Economist John Maynard Keynes. They know that "thoughts are things and powerful things at that." Napoleon Hill.

Take calculated risks. They all become effective risk takers.

They all have CONSUMING OBSESSION, a BURNING DESIRE to become the who they want to become.

They don't believe in the words; hope, luck and failure.


They don't have a "may be if I fail" escape route. They have no retreat.

They have a definite purpose.

They have persistence like a bull dog.

They believe in miracles.

They have faith.

They control the mind - not controlled by the mind. Again - this is NOT a's a choice.