Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vacation- bliss or nightmare ?

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Summertime is a great opportunity for most to go on vacation. Some people long for the chance to get away from everyday stresses of life, and let loose. I love to go on vacation for that reason, but sometimes when I am taken out of my everyday environment I do tend to get homesick. Does vacation give you a chance to break free from your eating disorder for a short period of time, or does it take you into an uncomfortable environment? If it puts you in uncomfortable environment does it make the eating disorder worse? Share your feelings about vacations, and past or present experiences.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE to get away from everyday life and change destinations for awhile. It makes me feel as if I can just start over. Nobody knows me. Nobody is judgemental.. It is great.. I feel so free. Since I am not able to go on vacation due to a financial perspective, I try to create my own serene surroundings.
I have made a scrapbook before to look like hawaii.(Since that is the place I want to go to the most.) I drew pictures in it that resembled hawaii and tried to create my own idea of what it might look like to me. I then added pages in the back that look like palm trees and I journaled in it. I sat in my backyard and turned off all the ringers on my phone, made myself a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and ordered in lunch. I then just listened to ocean music. It was so relaxing.
When I am on vacation whether it be in my mind or in a real vacation setting, it not only makes me feel carefree but stronger as a person. I love being able to not care what I look like, how I dress, etc. I find myself in a better position and frame of mind to enjoy healthy eating as well as being kind and gentle to my body. It is also a wonderful way to get away from the everyday life style.

Anonymous said...

It makes it worse, I think, because everyone's always wanting to eat out and making crappy things, having huge breakfasts and everything. It makes me really uncomortable to have all that food around

maddison said...

well my eatin disorder has kept me from vacation this year!!My mom felt that she couldnt trust me to eat anything while we were on the cruise so she basically told me that i wasnt goin to be going because she didnt want to fight with me every meal time! i am so upset about that cause as we speak they are on the cruise havin fun i am sure!! so that is another thing my eating disorder has taken from me!

journeygal said...

I think vacations are hard on eating disorders - I find that when traveling with family/friends, being on vacation becomes an excuse for eating a lot and perhaps less-healthy foods than would normally be consumed.

I've found in my recovery stages that allowing myself to relax a little while still keeping my "negative voice" and "triggering emotions" in check during vacation is the best way to approach it. Easier said than done, I know......

I've never thought of vacation as a literal vacation from my eating disorder. This is an interesting concept - maybe next time I go on one I'll tell my eating disorder to stay at home and that I'll be back in a week! :-)