Monday, August 04, 2008

Brilliant author, Aimee Liu, seeking letters of recovery for her new book

AED Advisory Board member and author, Aimee Liu, has generously offered to write a follow-up to her popular book Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders as a fundraiser for the AED.

The follow-up book will feature letters from readers of Gaining, and others, who describe their experience recovering from eating disorders. The book will also include commentary provided by Aimee and by AED experts . The proceeds from this volume will be donated to the AED to fund key initiatives such as our student grant and clinician scholarship programs.

Aimee has collected hundreds of letters describing early and mid-stages of recovery. In order to portray a complete view of the recovery process, however, more letters are needed from recovered individuals or those well on their way to recovery. If you have patients or former patients who fit this description and who may want to contribute a letter to this book please ask them to write a letter addressing the following three points:

1. Where are you in your recovery process?
2. What helps you feel most engaged and alive, day to day? (Include leisure activities, relationships, insights, observations, beloved places, practices, meaningful work, spiritual or philosophical beliefs - you name it.)
3. Would you like Aimee to attribute the letter to your actual first name, or to a pseudonym?
4. How can we reach you if we have follow up questions?

Please send letters of recovery to

Must Be Submitted by September 1, 2008!

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