Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eating Disorder Hope Initiates College Hope!

Announcement: Open invitation to join in the Eating Disorder Hope national collegiate effort to promote Eating Disorder Awareness. We launched this program now because of the upcoming official National Eating Disorders Awareness week of February 22-29, 2009. Universities across the US are developing creative and exciting plans for making the most of the NEDA week on their campus. In an effort to share ideas and assist other universities in creating a successful National Eating Disorders Awareness week on their campuses, we are gathering outlines, details and ideas from different schools that are open to sharing what they have found to be successful and what to avoid. Check out the new College Hope page!

If you would like to contribute to this report and/or have useful ideas to share about College/University plans for NEDA week, please email: Include the school's NEDA week plans, any relevant details and downloadable attachments or forms that other universities can use, as well. These ideas will be published on the College Hope page of the site, and many schools will benefit from your generous sharing and ideas. We would also be happy to list your university counseling center information and link this back to your website.

Your contribution of creative ideas will inspire many to initiate or develop their own campus NEDA week!

Hope you will join in this important effort!

~ Please forward this to colleagues at other universities who may want to participate, too! ~

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