Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healing environment gets to the heart of pediatric eating disorders

Within just six months of launching the new treatment program at Rogers Memorial Hospital, Dr. Tracey Cornella-Carlson is seeing more children and families enjoy a quality of life that seemed lost within the tight grip of an eating disorder. Even as young as fourth grade, children are becoming concerned with calories and fat grams and subjected to emotional bullying about their appearance. Cornella-Carlson said that parents come to Rogers Memorial Hospital, not just because they are worried about their child’s health, but because they feel that they have lost their child emotionally. The disorder affects the child’s ability to participate in day-to-day activities with their friends and families. The new child and adolescent inpatient program was developed under her leadership to provide a safe, nurturing environment where children and teens could be treated for medical and emotional stability by a specialized team comprised of physicians, dietitians, therapists, nurses, and other trained professionals.

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