Thursday, January 14, 2010

Normative Discontent

“Planting Insidious Seeds”

@ Rader Programs

Standing alone, beside bright white lights affixed around a mounted mirror, the soft, silky fabric flows down her legs to the tops of her toes. The dress is breathtaking. Pale pink with tiny, shiny beads threaded along the hem. The muscles in her arm begin to burn from tugging, yanking, pulling at the stubborn zipper. It does not budge. Over her shoulder, she stares at her back in the mirror, catching her breath and resting her arm before attempting again. The deep, open V exposes her skin.

From the dressing room beside her, derogatory comments dart through the door. "Oh my God, I have gained so much weight! I hate my thighs/hips/stomach! I can't believe I don't fit into a size x anymore!! I need to go on a diet. I'm so fat!"

Discontent with different body parts drips down the walls, into each and every room. Hearing these words, feeling them seep through the space just below the ceiling, invading her privacy, the open zipper suddenly seems like a personal failure. Maybe it was not that the dress did not fit, maybe she did not fit into the dress....

The Rader Programs, which includes Body Image and Sexuality Groups, addresses how our culture and society can affect our relationships with food, our bodies, and eating disorders.

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