Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pro Anorexia Sites on the rise

AUTHOR Alana Cook

While anorexia nervosa is recognized as a serious and often fatal
psychological disease, several studies out this year have shown a
steady rise in pro-ana (pro-anorexic) and pro-mia (pro-bulimic)

Portraying eating disorders as a method of self-control rather than
self-destruction, their controversial message is rapidly spreading to
an increasingly younger Internet generation; one already obsessed with
an unrealistic perception of beauty...finish article here

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opinion on this article! Please share your thoughts and concerns.

I, Jacquelyn, am saddened by the "perfect image" media onslaught directed toward our young people in their developmental years. I find this so destructive to our young women and men. We have to speak out more often, encourage a much broader paradigm of beauty, success and health. What do you think? Blog Now

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Fiona Place said...

This is indeed troublesome news - to see the cult of celebrity and fame taken up by the Pro-Ana sites makes it doubly difficult for young woman. If a woman can now be "famous" for having anorexia - and be on public show - the journey to recovery is that much harder. She not only has to give up anorexia but fame as well.