Thursday, July 08, 2010

Seasonal Blues: Does Summer Season Increase Body Dissatisfaction and Encourage Eating Disorder Development?

Seasonal Blues - the Warmer Side of it

By Kimberly Dennis, M.D.
Medical Director of Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

It happens each year. As the weather gets warmer, we are invited to pool parties and trips to the beach. Our clothing is thinner and less substantial. We may have to wear a bathing suit or fit into that dress for a special occasion, such as a wedding. This increase in exposure can exacerbate negative body perceptions and increase feelings of inadequacy for many people.

It’s no wonder that eating disorders may surface or worsen during this time of the year. Many people begin spring and summer thinking they need to lose a few pounds to look good on the beach or in the chapel. Some people try crash diets, rigorous exercise regimens, or less commonly, a cycle of binging and purging. Positive reinforcement of weight loss by peers could cause a person to feel like he or she must maintain that type of body to feel good about him or herself. This can trigger or reinforce eating disorder behavior...finish article

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Anonymous said...

I know that when it turns to summer I get a lot more self conscience about my weight and body image so it's no surprise that most women feel the same way. Women try and lose weight very fast and it's usually done in an unhealthy way. If you know someone who is suffering from an eating disorder the first thing you can do is give them support. I work with SAMHSA and the What A Difference A Friend Makes program. To find out ways you can help a friend, please visit