Monday, October 18, 2010

Announcement: Eating Disorder Specialist Library Features Cedric Centre

Cedric Centre

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The CEDRIC Centre’s sole purpose is to show you how to quickly and simply step free of the food and body image power struggle, forever.

CEDRIC Clinical Counsellors all have longstanding recovery from eating disorders with specialized training in eating disorders, and related concerns such as alcohol and drug dependency, depression, anxiety and trauma.

What CEDRIC is All About

Cedric Centre Counseling Group

  • CEDRIC is a counselling centre that will help you to come to a natural weight for your body easily and effortlessly. No dieting, no restricting.
  • We help you to understand why your relationship with food is so stressful and what you can do to change that, forever.
  • We teach you how to trust yourself to be around any food in any quantity and any time
  • Learn how to truly feel safe with food and how to feel really confident and comfortable in your skin.
  • Free yourself from food and body focus and start really living today.

Why We're Different

Cedric Centre Dining Group

  • To be free from food and weight issues you don’t need to watch what you eat for the rest of your life. In fact that is the absolute worst thing you can do.
  • We do not focus on what you’re eating or what you should or shouldn’t be eating. We teach you how to identify the most important piece of the puzzle:
    • Why you are eating?
    • What’s making you reach for food when you’re not hungry and what can you do to stop?

What CEDRIC is Not

Cedric Centre Group Film Viewing

  • The CEDRIC Centre is not a weight loss centre.
  • Our program is not a diet.
  • You won't be standing in line and weighing in.
  • You won't be discussing food choices or what you weigh with your counsellor.
  • And we know that after a short time with our support you won't be struggling with a stressful relationship with food. You'll finally be free.

Cedric Centre Offers Options

Cedric Centre books and cds for eating disorder recovery

The CEDRIC Centre has many options for you to access their successful programs and resources, regardless of your location, budget and time constraints, including:

  • Individual Counselling worldwide (via telephone, internet, or in person at their Vancouver and Victoria BC facilities);
  • An innovative and comprehensive Web Based Counselling program, providing the perfect blend of individual and peer support, teleclasses and lessons to move you quickly past your food and body image preoccupation;
  • Individual Healing Retreats, created just for you;
  • 3 day Intensive Workshops;
  • CD’s, DVD’s, Workbooks; and
  • The book, Food is Not the Problem, Deal with What Is! An easy-to-read complete recovery guide for stepping free of restricting, binging and/or purging forever.

Cedric Centre Offers Hope

Over the past 15 years, the Cedric Centre has developed a simple and effective set of tools for shifting your harmful thoughts, feelings and behaviours and a step by step process for implementing those changes and making sure they stick.

Men and women worldwide have experienced lasting change in their relationships with food, with their bodies and with the key people in their lives through The CEDRIC Centre's unique program. You can, too.


307 - 1005 Broad Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 2A1.
Phone: 250-383-0797 or Toll Free: 1-866-383-0797

~or 2nd location~

1449 West 38th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6M 1R4.

For more information or to purchase any of our products and services, please visit our web site @ or we welcome a call directly @ 1-866-383-0797.

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