Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Gotta Have It! Freedom from wanting everything right here, right now

By Dr. Gregory L. Jantz with Ann McMurray @ www.aplaceofhope.com

This book is about needs and wants, about the excessities of life, which is a made-up word for a very real situation for many people. Excessities occur when our excesses become necessities. This book is about the compulsion to overindulge in any number of bizarre, comical and not-so-funny behaviors. Excessity is the Gotta Have It! impulse that throws caution to the wind and demands immediate satisfaction. It is the blindness that occurs when comfort becomes more important than consequences.

Gotta Have It! shows up in a variety of shapes and sizes, each excessity taking on the unique characteristics of the person who creates it. This book looks at it, not from the safety of a front page story about someone else, but close up, right now, in our own lives and the lives of those we love.

Excessity is, at the heart, about feeding our wants and desires, while at the same time starving our true needs. The more we starve what we really need, the greater our hunger grows so we stuff ourselves with more and more of our wants. We stuff ourselves full of our wants and still find that we're starving, empty and desperate.

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