Monday, April 11, 2011

Inner Beauty Mirror UnContest

When girls look in a regular mirror they just see their outward appearance. In the Inner Beauty Mirror Uncontest we challenge girls to create a different mirror, a personal Inner Beauty Mirror.

It's made up of 7 statements they write about their own Inner Beauty - strengths, pride, talents.

We call it an Uncontest because no one is going to be judged. There will be no competition. We want to hear all kinds of different Inner Beauty statements from all kinds of girls!

All complete entries received by midnight CST, April 30, will be entered in the prize drawing and selected on May 19, 2011, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day.

Spread the word to all the girls and women you know and encourage them to try it - it works.

Discovering Her Real Beauty

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Quizzes: Fun self-discovery for her--and you!

Many girls love to take magazine or online quizzes that typically focus on looks or celebrities. Try some alternative quizzes that let you learn more about each other.

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