Friday, December 09, 2011

Recovery Through Seasons Of Change

After reading the article "Season of Change", it occurs to me that this time of year is characterized by a season of change, particularly with a New Year approaching.  Change is also an anticipated and expected aspect of the recovery process for those who are recovering from an eating disorder.  It may be challenging to perceive your progress in your own recovery if change is a process you might either fear or feel inadequate to accomplish optimistically.  Additionally, it is common for deep-rooted habits and thinking-patterns related to your eating disorder to prevent you from making the necessary changes in your life that allow for a successful recovery journey.  Though it is absolutely normal and expected to fear the unknown, it is also imperative to address your past in order to heal and move forward.

With this New Year approaching, what are changes you are hoping to make for yourself and the continued progression of your recovery?

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