Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Weight Matters Workshop The Body Image Transformation Experience BITE®

Fran Weiss, LCSW-R,BCD,DCSW,CGP, DPNAP (212) 362-6019
Specializing in the emotional components of disordered eating,
weight regulation, obesity, bulimia and body image.
Mondays, NYC (January-May, 2012)
Led by Fran Weiss, LCSW-R,BCD,DCSW,CGP Associate Clinical Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Sr. Psychotherapy Consultant, New York Obesity Research Center, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center.
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The Weight Matters Workshop (BITE®) is a structured 20 week group, separated into Workshop I + II, to explore and change the powerful habits and compulsions regarding eating and weight that can cause lifetime suffering. BITE® augments existing individual therapy, nutritional, and exercise programs, grappling with issues of body image, shame, "fat as armor" and eating to mask emotional distress and anxiety.
Workshop I addresses the questions: "Why can't I just do it? Why can't I regulate my impulses and change my eating patterns?" The focus is on understanding your personal roadblocks, respecting the experiences that formed them, and most of all keying into your own power to manage destructive thoughts and impulses.
Workshop II takes this to a higher level, teaching you how to listen to your body, which is constantly changing in response to internal and external cues. Somatic and movement techniques are explored that help you move towards attunement and mastery.
*Individual consultation required for admission to the Workshop.
*Insurance reimbursement for Group psychotherapy may apply.

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