Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Meaning of Food

Eating Disorder Hope
The body needs five things to survive Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. To many people food is so much more then the gift of survival. Food is family, art, happiness, health,memories, home, culture, and many more things. One thing that food is to me is fun,I love getting to try different foods and customs. When I get to try these new foods I feel it gives me an understanding of that cultures traditions and way of life.
On a positive note, what is food to you?

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Anonymous said...

The meanng of food to me always reminds me that healthy eating will help lead me to the things I enjoy or WANT to enjoy more of in life. I want the energy to follow my hopes and dreams. Food is just a reminder for me to eat healthy and reach all of my goals. I LOVE being able to eat out with friends and just being able to nourish my body makes me feel great inside.
It feels good to ENJOY all different sorts of foods. I remember at one point (before recovery), just sitting in a restaurant wondering if I WOULD EVER be "normal" and be able to enjoy eating out and ordering ANYTHING off the menu and not feeling guilty. That day came for me.
I never thought it would. I tried harder when it came to reaching for the stars. I NOW have that twinkle in my eye that I never thought I would ever have. Food has made my life pleasurable in many ways. I try to write down all the things I am "ABLE" to do as I nourish my body with plentiful things.
It is amazing how much we ARE able to do in life because of food. All of our bodies are special and unique. They all deserve nourishment and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves regardless WHAT "ED'S" tell us. Food is a wonderful part of life and its a great way of rewarding and thanking our bodies for giving us the gift of "life."