Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Researchers have found that there might be a biological predispostion to eating disorders. With this thought did you find out that someone in your family also had the same problem? If you did find that a family member also suffered from an eating disorder, how did it make you feel? Did ya'll encourage eachother in a healthy or unhealthy manner?


Anonymous said...

When I was first diagnosed with an eating disorder 9 years ago I never even thought about a biological predisposition UNTIL I entered treatment. My mother has an eating disorder and had one while my brother and I were growing up but we just thought her eating habits were "normal." She never ate meals with us except sometimes dinner when my dad came home.
She always just "snacked" late at night after we went to bed. I never even thought about it till one of the psychologists started asking me questions during one of our sessions. I feel that she ENCOURAGED me to diet and played a big role in my eating disorder. My mom still thinks eating disorders are just a "label" that professionals just came up with. She doesn't understand fully everything even during my most intensive treatment. She didn't take family week serious and yes it hurt my feelings but I learned a lot which is the main thing because family week was about ME NOT her. It is ok though. She doesn't HAVE to understand or TRY to understand. I wanted to get better for myself.
She used to compare herself to me and do all sorts of "unhealthy" things. I just had to learn (though very hard,) to separate myself from her and to try to move on with my life. It is amazing to me though how many people who suffer from eating disorders have what I call.. "disordered eaters" in their families and they don't even realize it! I even have extended family members who have some weight issues as well. I have just learned to let go of my mom's eating habits and I now try to just focus on myself and my own family. I wanted to get well for ME!

eating disorder hope said...

I love your comment it was very honest! I am so glad you learned to just focus on you, that can be hard and you have learned to do it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Ashley. Yes it was very hard for me!! It still is at times but I have gotten so much better. I just try to take one thing at a time and try not to focus on way too many things or get overly involved in someone else or their problems. Going to a therapist for me and seeing professionals was wonderful but it sort of reminded me of the movie the Wizard of Oz. I know this sounds crazy but I was wearing "the ruby slippers" the whole time.. I am the one that has the answers. I just needed some guidance and to learn how to TRUST and have FAITH in myself and be true to my own feelings. My feelings are my own and they are important.... You are doing a good job Ashley as moderator!! Way to go.. Hope school is going well for you!

maddison said...

i think it would be hard to have a family member with an eating disorder cause all that comes to mind is COMPETITION!!!! That might not be the same for everyone but everyone is different!! i like the comments that were made!! I think it is very important to have therapy so keep workin hard!!