Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anorexia Kills, Timberline Knolls Saves

Study Supports Timberline Knolls' Stance That Anorexia is Deadly

 CHICAGO, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center is in the business of saving lives, because they've known for years what a recent study reported in the July issue of Archives of General Psychiatry supports: individuals who have eating disorders have an elevated mortality rate, especially those with anorexia nervosa. This is an important study, but Timberline Knolls stresses that it may not go far enough.
"I think it's always important to have studies which validate and quantify what we have seen and known for decades clinically," said Kimberly Dennis, M.D., Medical Director at Timberline Knolls, a residential treatment center for women who suffer from eating disorders and substance abuse, with or without trauma or a co-occurring disorder. "But this type of research needs to be expanded to include bulimia and especially EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), which is by far the most common and least likely to be treated of the eating disorders. My guess is that it is just as deadly as anorexia, just over a much longer period of time."...finish reading press release

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