Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Important Bulimia Research Reports and Ongoing Studies

An fMRI Study of Self-Regulatory Control and Conflict Resolution in Adolescents with Bulimia Nervosa

Rachel Marsh, Ph.D., Guillermo Horga, M.D., Zhishun Wang, Ph.D., Pengwei Wang, Ph.D., Kristin W. Klahr, M.A., Laura A. Berner, A.B., B. Timothy Walsh, M.D. and Bradley S. Peterson, M.D.
When engaging the selfregulatory control processes necessary to resolve conflict, adolescents with bulimia nervosa displayed abnormal patterns of activation in frontostriatal and defaultmode systems. Their abnormal processing of the antecedent stimulus context conditioned their brain response to conflict differently from that of healthy comparison subjects, specifically in frontal regions. It is suspected that functional disturbances in frontal portions of frontostriatal systems may release feeding behaviors from regulatory control, thereby perpetuating the conflicting desires to consume fattening
foods and avoid weight gain that characterize bulimia nervosa...
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Dysfunctional Frontostriatal Control Systems in Bulimia Nervosa

Rachel Marsh, Ph.D.
Bulimia Nervosa (BN) typically begins during adolescence, and primarily affects young women with a lifetime prevalence of 1-2.5% among women in the general population....Read More

*Research Study using MRI to examine Bulimia Nervosa in Adolescent Girls - Participants Needed!

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center are conducting an NIMH-funded study aimed at understanding brain development in adolescents with Bulimia Nervosa. We are looking for girls, 12-18 years old, who binge-eat and purge. Participation involves completing interviews, games and puzzles, and an MRI scan. Treatment, free of charge will be provided to girls in need. Compensation (up to $400) will also be provided for participation. The study takes place at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, 1051 Riverside Drive in Manhattan. For more information, please call the Eating Disorders Clinic at (212) 543-5739 or visit our website:

Additional Information regarding bulimia and related eating disorders can be found at:

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