Monday, October 31, 2011

Magnolia Creek Announces 15-Day "Holiday Refresh" Program


The holiday season can be tough, especially for those struggling with eating disorders.

BIRMINGHAM, AL — That is why Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders is pleased to once again offer its "Holiday Refresh" program. This one of a kind, 15-day partial-hospitalization program is designed specifically to help keep clients on the path toward recovery while causing minimal disturbance to their work or school schedules.

Specifically designed for those simply in need of some extra structure or assistance during the holidays, "Holiday Refresh" participants will receive a spectrum of support including but not limited to: comprehensive nutritional guidance and meal planning, life-skills coaching, one-on-one individual therapy with licensed therapists, and tips for coping upon return to work, school or home following the holiday season.

“Many individuals get off track in their recovery at the end of the year or around the holidays,” explains Dr. Nicole Siegfried, Magnolia Creek’s Clinical Director. “We offered this program last year, and it was very helpful for many clients, especially some of our alumnae, who just needed a ‘tune up’.”

Magnolia Creek’s "Holiday Refresh" program is for those not looking for long-term care but simply a reboot or re-energized approach to their recovery. The ultimate goal being to provide the support and structure needed to help those through the holiday season and forward in their new year’s transition back to work or school.
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Source: Magnolia Creek
If you are currently in recovery for an eating disorder, what resources and support have you relied on throughout your journey to help you stay on the recovery path?

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