Monday, October 24, 2011

Shedding Light on the Spiritual Component of Recovery

By Kim Dennis, MD, Medical Director of Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

Oct. 15, 2011

Today, millions of people throughout our country are focused on recovery. They think about it, work toward it, they try desperately to hold on to it. Many are eventually able to live it each day with ease, freedom and joy. Their experiences are diverse: an adolescent girl knows she must stop cutting herself; a mother of two recognizes that a single drink will inevitably lead to a dozen; a college student feels such a strong desire to binge and purge she can think of nothing else. No matter how dissimilar the experience, they all know one absolute: recovery is the most difficult, challenging thing they will ever do in their entire lives.

Then, why do it alone?

Humans are multi-dimensional beings, comprised of a body, soul and spirit. Each aspect is unique, separate and of equal importance. At Timberline Knolls, addressing a patient's spirit is as important as attending to her body and soul. Her spirit is the most potently healing part of her; it also has been hurt, damaged or wounded by a disorder or addiction. It too needs and deserves to be restored. And we know without a single doubt that there is a powerful force immediately available to provide that healing. Call it God, a Higher Power, or the universe - the label is not the issue. What is the issue is the love, grace, mercy and support that truly is right there, simply waiting to be tapped into.

We want every resident to recognize that she has incredible value and worth; she doesn't have to earn or work for it, she has it simply because she exists, an equal member of the human race, another one of God's kids. A higher power exists and will extend everything needed for complete healing, and will do so in great abundance for those willing to seek it.
Do you see yourself in the adolescent, mother, or college student mentioned above? If you are seeking recovery or trying to maintain it, you have probably consulted a physician to support your physical body; undoubtedly, you have sought professional counseling to heal your thoughts and emotions. Please consider offering similar support to your spirit. Recovering all parts of you - your mind, soul and spirit - offers the best chance for complete and lasting recovery.

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center
is located on 43 beautiful acres just outside Chicago, offering a nurturing environment of recovery for women ages 12 and older struggling to overcome eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders, trauma and co-occurring disorders. By serving with uncompromising care, relentless compassion and an unconditional joyful spirit, we help our residents help themselves in their recovery. For more information, visit or call 877.257.9611.

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