Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Featured Article: Walking in Recovery

By Abigail D. Wolff
Recovery Consultant, Remuda Ranch 2009 Alumni
Remuda Ranch Program for Eating Disorders
Written: January, 2012

Recovery.  It is such a fascinating word. It is a word so clearly defined yet recovery is not a defined experience.  What does this word really mean? How does it play out in life? How does it play out in and through a situation that so desperately is in need of recovery? Recovery is, as I like to call it a journey, different for all who embark upon it. Recovery enables you to gain confidence as you grow out of a life threatening disease and addiction. Recovery is not about an individual’s status. It is a journey of the heart fighting against lies that want nothing more than to destroy the very reason any person exists. Recovery is a choice. Though it is not easy, for those like me who want nothing more than to say: “I am living recovered” it is a choice that must be made...Read Article

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