Saturday, January 28, 2012

Expansion of Treatment Facilities for Eating Disorders

Continued development and expansion of eating disorder treatment facilities has allowed for greater options for eating disorder suffers seeking recovery.  This is critical at a time when the need for support for recovery from an eating disorder and the promotion of awareness and prevention is proliferating. 

Recently, Rogers Memorial Hospital, a comprehensive health system specialized in the treatment of mental health, has expanded on its campus’s facilities, allowing for the sustained endorsement of the organizations emphasis on quality patient care.  Additionally, the added facilities will assist the organization as they seek to offer the uppermost standards of excellence in behavioral health treatment. 

Details of this expansion for Rogers Memorial Hospital include new amenities that will serve function roles to the current inpatient centers in addition to the organization’s distinguished residential treatment centers for eating disorders.  Further aspects of this development also include capacities for various recreations, such as a fitness center, relaxation room, and art therapy studio.  Current facilities for the hospital’s inpatient psychiatric units will be replaced by these newly designed buildings.  Staff from Rogers Hospital has expressed how these recent improvements within the organization’s facilities symbolize their commitment to investment in patient encounters. 

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