Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Drawing in Celebration of NEDAwareness Week!

In celebration of the upcoming NEDAwareness Week, Eating Disorder Hope is offering the chance to win a free book by author Jenni Schaefer (Goodbye Ed, Hello Me) or Cheryl Kerrigan (Telling ED NO!).  


In honor of the theme for NEDAwareness Week, "Everybody knows Someboy", how can YOU do just one thing to promote awareness of Eating Disorders today?

Leave your response in a comment below for an automatic entry in our book drawing for one of these books! 


(McGraw-Hill) by Jenni Schaefer
Don't Battle an Eating Disorder Forever-Recover from It Completely
Jenni Schaefer and Ed (eating disorder) are no longer on speaking terms, not even in her most difficult moments. In her bestseller, Life Without Ed, Jenni learned to treat her eating disorder as a relationship, not a condition - enabling her to break up with Ed.
In Goodbye Ed, Hello Me Jenni shows you that being fully recovered is not just about breaking free from destructive behaviors with food and having a healthy relationship with your body; it also means finding joy and peace in your life.
Combining Jenni's signature personal advice and unfailing encouragement along with valuable exercises you can do as you read, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me will give you the prescriptive tools to take the final steps in divorcing your Ed completely.
Lynn Grefe, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, says, "Jenni may someday be named the trend-setter for the miraculous word "recovered.'"

Telling ED NO! and Other Practical Tools to Conquer Your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom

by Cheryl Kerrigan
 With more than 100 practical tools to help you conquer your eating disorder and find freedom, Telling ED NO! is a unique, accessible survivor's guide.
 Held captive by her eating disorder (ED) for more than two decades, Cheryl experienced an entire childhood, adolescence, and much of her adulthood from the perspective of a tortured prisoner until she found the strength and support to break free. Based on the author's own incredible story, Telling ED NO! brings the recovery process to life. Using inspiring real-life stories and candid straight-talk, Cheryl presents over 100 practical recovery tools as well as exercises and questions designed to encourage journaling and discussion that will help you navigate your path to recovery.


Luna said...

by posting about it on Facebook and other websites

Amanda Adwar said...

Today i explained to a peer that i take my exams in academic support because i am recovering from anorexia. She was completely shocked, but proud of me for being active in my recovery.