Monday, February 13, 2012

Encouraging Freedom from the Pressure of Perfectionism

Increasing pressures are being placed on young women today in the face of societal demands to be successful and efficacious.  With an alarming and overwhelming amount of stress placed in the standard of achieving “perfectionism”, it is no wonder that worth and value are being searched for among futile endeavors.  The pressure to achieve it all AND do things exceptionally well is affecting how young women view themselves, which is frequently in a negative light.  When unrealistic standards are set, failure to meet such can lead to lower self-esteem and poor body image, both which can make one susceptible to the development of an eating disorder.  Counterattacking the pressure to be perfect with messages of self-acceptance, confidence, and self-care can be instrumental in the fight against eating disorders.  Continue reading here to learn valuable tips that can help encourage the girl in your life to resist the pressure to be perfect and journey towards greater self-respect and esteem.

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