Monday, January 10, 2011

Attention: Los Angeles Eating Disorder Treatment Professionals

Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program invites medical and health professionals to attend our special four month series of lunch workshops.

First Monday of every month, 12noon to 1pm @ 9911 West Pico Blvd., Suite 720, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call 310-277-2682 for reservations or more information. View flyer at

~More About the Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program~

Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program for Adults & Adolescents

9911 West Pico Blvd, Suite 720,
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Adults: 310-277-2682
Adolescents: 310-402-5427

We offer hope to you and your loved ones. Nonprofit, low-fee and comprehensive.

  • Adult Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Adolescent Outpatient Treatment
  • Saturday Support Group
  • Weight Loss Support Group

Program Overview: The Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program is a nonprofit that offers low fee, comprehensive, outpatient services with an emphasis on working with the entire person. Individualized treatment plans may include individual, group and family therapy, psychodynamic and cognitive behavorial groups, nutritional counseling, art therapy, weight loss support and yoga. We also provide a Saturday support group for those who require less intensive treatment. Our professional staff consists of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists, pre- and post-doctoral interns, certified art therapists, registered dietitians and certified yoga teachers. We coordinate patient care with outside professionals including psychotherapists, psychiatrists and medical doctors and insurance companies. Our goal is to help you discover the hidden meaning behind your eating disorder, differentiate between physical and psychological hunger, heal the past, and develop skills that will help you create a happy and healthy future. We treat all forms of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating and exercise addiction. Susan B. Krevoy, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in practice since 1980. The Eating Disorders Program at the Wright Institute Los Angeles has been serving the community since 2000. Payment Options: cash/check, sliding scale, credit card, insurance (Most insurance plans may cover some of the treatment costs. The Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program will work with clients and their insurance companies to determine eligibility and treatment payment options.)

View Susan B. Krevoy Program @ Eating Disorder Specialist Library

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Morgan said...

Here is an important resource for parents going through this with their children - Give Food A Chance by Dr. Julie O'Toole. Dr. O'Toole founded the Kartini Clinic in Portland OR, a treatment facility that specializes in treating teens and children with ED