Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Announcement: Telling ED NO! and Other Practical Tools to Conquer Your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom

by Cheryl Kerrigan

With more than 100 practical tools to help you conquer your eating disorder and find freedom, Telling ED NO! is a unique, accessible survivor’s guide.

Held captive by her eating disorder (ED) for more than two decades, Cheryl experienced an entire childhood, adolescence, and much of her adulthood from the perspective of a tortured prisoner until she found the strength and support to break free. Based on the author's own incredible story, Telling ED NO! brings the recovery process to life. Using inspiring real-life stories and candid straight-talk, Cheryl presents over 100 practical recovery tools as well as exercises and questions designed to encourage journaling and discussion that will help you navigate your path to recovery. You will learn:

~ why having a treatment team is essential, and how to assemble one
~how to end self-destructive behaviors such as cutting and over-exercising
~how to transform ED's controlling rules into powerful new recovery rules
~how to enjoy family holidays and nights out with friends without anxiety

Full of raw emotion, tough decisions, fears, and triumphs, this unique workbook will help you learn to incorporate food, laughter, and love back into your daily life one step at a time.

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