Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Addiction and Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are obviously food-related illnesses. It is also important to note that often those with anorexia or bulimia have substance-abuse issues. The drug of choice may be legal or illegal, but the end result is still the same: abuse and/or addiction.

Stimulants are often abused by those with eating disorders, especially anorexia. Women or girls rely on large amounts of caffeine, such as that found in black coffee or diet drinks, to stave off hunger. Often, they take up smoking, looking to nicotine to serve as an appetite suppressant. Those with bulimia may turn to amphetamines and cocaine to provide energy and also decrease hunger. Alcohol is frequently abused, but due to its high calorie content, purging is usually part of the equation....read more at: Addiction and Dual Diagnosis

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