Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Study shows ‘Mid-life crisis’ does not lead to eating disorders

Age related eating disorder study identifies treatment implications for young adult and midlife women

By Heather Hutchinson of Weise Communications, representing Eating Disorder Center of Denver

An increasing number of middle-aged women are seeking treatment for eating disorders. The so-called 'Desperate Housewives' Syndrome exploded when Felicity Huffman [Actress, Desperate Housewives and Oscar-nominated Transamerica] revealed she suffered from eating disorders throughout her late teens. Her public announcement coincided with the trend of more older women seeking treatment. Traditionally, eating disorders are thought of as occurring in teenage girls and women in their early 20s.

A study completed by the Eating Disorder Center of Denver (EDC-D) exploring age related factors in the onset of eating disorders found no significant differences between the patient age groups studied. The study, under the direction of EDC-D Clinical Director Tamara Pryor, Ph.D. compared the temperament and character traits of younger eating disorder patients to middle-aged eating disorder patients....finish article on Midlife Eating Disorders

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