Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New students feeling increased pressure to stay thin in college

By Jordan Hearne, Reporter
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A common belief is that when students start college, they gain weight from the university lifestyle. In truth, this idea might actually be contributing to eating disorders across campus.
“Freshman 15 is a complete myth,” Dr. , staff psychologist in the , said. Wood, who specializes in body image problems and eating disorders, is ready to put an end to the rumor that freshman gain 15 pounds within their first year of college. Typically, students don’t gain weight at all their freshman year, and if they do, it is on average only seven pounds, she said.
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With a new school year under way, college students face increasing pressures, which can often influence them to engage in disordered eating behaviors.  What resources should be made available on college campuses to aid students who may be struggling?

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