Monday, August 01, 2011

Pregnancy is Ideal Time to Screen for Eating Disorders

"Pregnancy is a season of life when many women take extra care to eat well and exercise to ensure the health of the baby. However, for women who struggle with eating disorders, pregnancy can be a frightening time, with fears of how disordered eating behaviors may be affecting the baby. In addition, for some with severe eating disorders, pregnancy places an additional physical strain already experienced with the disorder.

An article posted on Medical News Today highlights the importance of screening for some problems during pregnancy. Because doctors see prenatal patients regularly every few weeks, it is an ideal time for checking to see if other conditions exist. In addition, because of the risks to the baby, pregnant mothers would benefit from medical care tailored to an individual with eating disorders during pregnancy."

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What are other ways in which screening for eating disorders during pregnancy can impact the health outcome for both mother and baby?

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