Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

Hello. Have you read the article about the effect of eating disorders on pregnancy?
The link is: http://eatingdisorderhope.com/Pregnancy.html

Having just had a baby 1 1/2 years ago, I can tell you that it is a miraculous thing for someone who wreaked(SP?) such havoc on their body.......I was always fearful during those years of practicing an eating disorder that I would damage my body to such an extent that I would not be able to have a child..........I did struggle with infertility for 1 1/2 years, and had one miscarriage, before I conceived and carried a successful pregnancy. I feel that the trouble getting pregnant was probably somewhat related to all those years I tried so desperately to maintain a lower weight than my body was comfortable with....I am so lucky to be a mom now, and cannot imagine what it would have been like to not have this experience...Thank God I stopped practicing the eating disorder and am able to be fully present for my son.

Anyone else have thoughts on pregnancy, infertility, etc? By the way, I always had irregular menstrual cycles -- no doubt related to the ed.




Jamie said...

well, I don't see myself as a mother -in the future. I don't think that I want kids for myself -but that may all change. So in that aspect, I could (in some ways) care less about making myself infertile. -but I know that I should not completely ruin my body if I do someday want kids... but I don't think that I do. I absolutely adore them, but I just don't see myself in that place...

Jacki, That is just so great that you were able to successfully able to have a kid. Your child is so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing person as a mom. I know that your kid will have a wonderfully happy childhood to be born into such a nice family.
Quote time!:
"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."
-Vernon Saunders Law


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
The ballet picture next to your posts is great! How did you do that?
I understand the doubting you may want kids thing, but just in case, I am glad that you are concerned about protecting your reproductive system....
I am also enjoying your other posts and quotes. It sounds like you and your family are really thinking this all through and making some tough decisions about Orlando, treatment, etc. Whatever you all decide, I will support you and your decision. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at group.

Jamie said...

hey! ok to do the picture thingy next to your name, you go to your 'dashboard' then you click edit profile. scroll down and there will be a place to type in a 'photo URL'. you get URLs from any right clicking on any picture that you find on the web. ok, so you right click on a picture that you like and then click 'properties' ('properties' is on the bottom of the window that pops up when you riht click on the image) after you click properties, copy and paste the 'address [URL]' into the box on your profile page thats asking for the URL.

hmmmm...that was a bit confusing...sorry I'm not very good at giving people detailed advice on computers...

ok...so I went to the cardiologist today (I saw Katie for group there as well -she is so funny)and they did $1800 worth of tests on me...my gosh all these doctors are so expensive.... so they said that my heart looks pretty 'normal' -whatever normal is, but they said that I was dehydrated and my heart beat was a bit slow-54 BPM(beats per minute). They said that anything under 60 BPM is 'suspicious'... yeah so tomorrow I'm suppose to come in for a stress test and some blood work. Then I go again on Tuesday for a bone density test thingy... yeah that is on Tuesday and I'm suppose to leave for Orlando this Sunday... She doesn't want me to go to Orlando -or for that matter, dance at all until they get to results back. She doesn't think that it is 'safe' to ship me off to orlando for 5 weeks without knowing if I'm at risk for breaking all my bones... So I'm not sure if I'm going, or if they'll let me come late...or whatever...My dad said that if we found a hospital that was in our budget, then he'll probably just send me there, to 'prevent things from getting worse'. I hate money...it is soooo evil! haha... well, I'll post tomorrow what the stress test results are...

All these doctors, tests, etc. are such a pain to go through, but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry...or whatever...

By the way, how is Jeanette?? I hope that she is ok...I want to call her but I don't have her number...
"Resolve to be thyself; and know that he who finds himself loses his misery."
-Matthew Arnold

eating disorder hope said...

Jamie _
I am so sorry that I forgot to email Jeanette's number. I have sent it to your personal email. I know she would love to hear from you!
I am sorry to hear that your heart is suffering from the anorexia...that is scary and I am glad that you are working with the cardiologist so closely.
Please continue to keep me posted...and take care of yourself, precious lady Jamie.


Katie said...

sorry, just testing until i get this figured out


Katie said...

Oh, wow...easier than i thought...so um...how do i create a profile or whatever...anyway, jamie, i called your cell phone before i thought about checking here to see how your appt. went. kris (i guess your mom???) called me back and was like "who is this?"
"katie, is jamie there?"
"we are using her cell phone this weekend"
"oh ok, will she have it when she's out of town?"
"are you katie from [couldn't understand what she said]?"
"are you a friend from school?"
"umm...[didn't know what to say!] yes, i will just shoot her an email"
anyway, after a few more exchanges, i finally said thank and bye...the whole thing was kind of funny.
i, um, would really appreciate any advice or comments about how my appt. went today, i would rather post it as a new subject, so i am going to attempt that.

Jamie said...

o sorry about that Katie! haha my mom is so strange... yeah she probably asked if you were Katie for FWAFA -FWAFA(fort worth academy of fine arts) is the school i go to...I have a friend there named Katie too. so how did your appt. go? I hate all these appts. -esp. when they're all the way in dallas...ugh...
well, I don't think that my heart is in bad condition -I mean a slow heart beat is just one minor thing. I think that the doctor was being a bit overdramatic...I think that I'm perfectly capable to go to Orlando for 5 weeks, but nope we have to put that on hold so that I can get a bone density test on Tuesday. So now my dad is following the doctors advide and he isn't letting me dance until we get all the results back... I'm like "Dad, I can go to ballet -I'm fine." -but nope we've got to follow the doctor's orders... o well, I guess it is for the best... I was just really getting excited that I was going to be able to escape Fort Worth-less for 5 weeks, but now I'm stuck here with frustrated parents who rudely force me to eat. I'd be more willing to eat if they weren't the ones observing me eat...but o well... I just hate how ridiculous this all is...blah...

Amanda said...

The whole pregnancy/eating disorder issue is really scary. I know how very lucky I am to have two healthy kids. During my pregnancies, I didn't engage in any eating disorder behaviors. (That may have been my saving grace!) The pregnancy became my new obsession.

What's interesting about the article is that it states that babies born from mothers who have eating disorders tend to have smaller head circumferences. This was definitely not the case with my son. His head circum. was in the 100%ile - it was like giving birth to a watermelon!


Jamie said...

awww! a watermelon baby! haha! how cute!